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The intensity and strength of a “pure” 100% North American with a wide belly. Its name reveals its origin: TOSCANO® 1492 Anno Domini.

Toscano 1492 (Pack of 2) x 10

SKU: 4275
$110.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
  • Its blend is characterised by the exclusive use of North American Dark Fired cured tobacco, both for the wrapper and for the filler. The peculiarity of the agricultural practice of “whole plant” harvesting and the curing over a fire for a prolonged time, makes it possible to have a much intense raw material and a cigar with a strong “Dark fire cured character”; in other words, with a highly smoky aroma.The top-quality wrapper is uniform and of a dark and lively colour, and is obtained by a rigorous selection starting during the harvesting phases.

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